When Wind Meets Sturdy Stems: 3 Flowering Plants That Won't Break in the Wind


Caring for garden plants in a windy area, such as near the coast or on high ground, can be challenging. Many plant species suffer in windy conditions. Inevitably, this can leave you deflated when you find that all your hard work on your landscaping has gone to waste. Strong winds can snap stems, tear off leaves and leave flowers ragged. However, don't give up on your garden. Believe it or not, but wind can also be beneficial to plants, not just destructive.

19 July 2019

Why tree lopping is essential


Tree lopping is a task that requires the help of a professional due to the delicate nature of the tree. Tree lopping is necessary for a variety of reasons including: Pruning young trees Pruning is essential for young trees to stimulate proper growth and in the intended form. It is necessary to prune the trees when they are young to allow for appropriate corrective growth. Pruned trees exhibit an increased strength to withstand climate conditions and develop a healthy root system.

27 April 2019

Top 4 Reasons to Seek Out a Professional Tree Lopping Service


Do you have trees in your yard? If the answer is yes, professional tree lopping is a service you may need at some point. Here are four valid reasons to hire a tree lopping professional. Ensuring Safety Are large trees growing too close to your house? Large tree branches may hang over your residential roof, posing a serious threat to the safety of your household. As a homeowner, you have the responsibility of making your home safe for everyone, so you'll have to remove the hazardous branches.

15 January 2019

3 Steps to Follow to Remove Your Tree Stump


As any green thumb will tell you there is few things in gardening more annoying than trying to remove an obstinate tree stump. While each situation is different it can often seem like they have roots to the core of the earth by the way they refuse to move. Due to the difficulty in removing them people will often leave these unsightly lumps on their property for years, but there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make the process of disposing your tree stump a little easier.

24 September 2018

Two reasons why DIY tree felling is not a good idea


If there's a tree in your garden that needs to be removed, here are two reasons why you should not carry out this task yourself, but should instead arrange for an arborist to do it for you. It could end up being more expensive than hiring a professional  A lot of people attempt to cut down trees in their gardens without professional assistance because they believe it will save them money.

9 April 2018

Storm Damaged Tree Removal: The Dangers of Removing Storm Damaged Trees


Storm season is now upon Australia, and this was recently demonstrated in frightening fashion by the recent supercell storms that battered the east coast. Over 30,000 lightening strikes and 90 kilometre per hour winds battered homes from New South Wales to Queensland. With more storms to come and 11 cyclones predicted for storm season 2017/18, your trees may be in for a rough ride in the coming weeks and months.

30 October 2017

Trees and Wind: 5 Safe and Sturdy Trees that Can Withstand High Winds


When assessing your current trees or trying to decide which tree might be most suitable for your yard, safety should be one of your priorities. In 2016, due to stormy conditions, high winds brought down trees throughout Australia, damaging property and taking lives. If you live in an area that is known for the ferocity of its storms, you should consider replacing trees that may pose a risk to you and your loved ones in severe weather.

15 February 2017