Smart Strategies for Tree Planting, Trimming and Maintenance

My name is Georgia, and I love to write. As an avid gardener, I have spent hours writing about gardening, but in this space, I wanted to turn my attention to trees in particular. I recently added a number of fruit trees to my garden, and I have old oaks in front of my house which have suffered and survived through a range of mishaps. If you want to learn ideas for taking better care of your trees, you have stumbled onto the right blog. Welcome to this space, please explore and share this blog with your friends if they inspire you.

Why tree lopping is essential


Tree lopping is a task that requires the help of a professional due to the delicate nature of the tree. Tree lopping is necessary for a variety of reasons including:

Pruning young trees

Pruning is essential for young trees to stimulate proper growth and in the intended form. It is necessary to prune the trees when they are young to allow for appropriate corrective growth. Pruned trees exhibit an increased strength to withstand climate conditions and develop a healthy root system. A robust root system will prevent the easy uprooting of trees. Also, a lack of pruning in young trees could lead to uneven growth, which causes leaning. Leaning trees will eventually require removal, as they are a safety hazard.

A professional knows that each pruning technique can make a tree differentiate from its growth path.

Pruning mature trees

Pruning of mature trees is necessary for a variety of reasons. It is essential for removing dead, damaged or diseased branches that may spread the infection in the tree. Diseased branches can spread infection during the spring season, which in turn spreads the disease to other trees. Damaged branches, on the other hand, offer thriving conditions for insect infestations. Also, dead limbs are at risk of falling during storms or rains causing damage to you, your family or your property.

It is also necessary for removing crowded branches that prevent sufficient light penetration and air circulation. Pruning overcrowded branches reduce foliage cover as well as retains the tree's shape. Branches that grow over other branches lead to shading and make other branches susceptible to insects and diseases.

Mature trees could also be pruned to remove low hanging branches that are a nuisance to pedestrians. Overgrown branches can also limit your property view or distract your landscape appeal. Tree lopping improves the appeal of your property by removing large and unwanted branches. Enhancing the appeal of your property will increase the value of your property. Also, large branches can grow into electrical wires causing electrical mishaps. Overgrown branches can also cause difficulties in your drainage or plumbing system.

Encourages fruit production

Fruit trees require regular pruning to boost fruit production. Pruning stimulates the growth of spurs, which in turn stimulates fruit growth. Tree lopping by removing dead or diseased branches encourage the growth of healthy fruits. It also prevents the infestation by insects and diseases allowing for better health. Pruning also increases fruit harvest yearly.

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27 April 2019