Smart Strategies for Tree Planting, Trimming and Maintenance

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3 Steps to Follow to Remove Your Tree Stump


As any green thumb will tell you there is few things in gardening more annoying than trying to remove an obstinate tree stump. While each situation is different it can often seem like they have roots to the core of the earth by the way they refuse to move. Due to the difficulty in removing them people will often leave these unsightly lumps on their property for years, but there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make the process of disposing your tree stump a little easier.

1. Identify How Big the Root System Is

A tree stumps resolve against removal is entirely determined by how big its root system is so you have to first figure out how big this system is. Do this by digging a hole completely around your tree stump and trying to get underneath it as well. When the subterranean layer of your tree stump is revealed you should be able to isolate the biggest roots and cut through them which will isolate the central tree stump. 

2. Dig, Dig, Dig

You might think that simply cutting off the major roots is enough to weaken the stump but that is usually not the case. The best thing to do to save yourself future back pain is to simply continue digging around your tree stump until there is almost nothing supporting it. There should definitely not be any support on the sides and it should be completely free standing in the hole you create around it. 

3. Chip Away & Leverage

At this point, with your tree stump alone in the middle of your hole, you should start trying to chip away at its base with either a shovel or a large, flat headed crowbar. When you have a large enough hole into the side of your tree stump you can start to use your weight as leverage with the crowbar. Simply jam your crowbar into the hole securely and firmly start rocking up and down. You should start to feel the trunk begin to move. You can the transfer to the opposite side of the stump and work on that until the stump is weakened enough to be dragged out. 

Not every tree trunk will be able to be removed by you personally and there may be factors that are beyond your capabilities. A common occurrence is that the tree stump is completely embedded next to or within a layer of large rocks that make excavating it near impossible. In this case and any other where you feel like you cannot safely remove your tree stump you should call up a stump removal service to do the job quicker and more efficiently.


24 September 2018