Smart Strategies for Tree Planting, Trimming and Maintenance

My name is Georgia, and I love to write. As an avid gardener, I have spent hours writing about gardening, but in this space, I wanted to turn my attention to trees in particular. I recently added a number of fruit trees to my garden, and I have old oaks in front of my house which have suffered and survived through a range of mishaps. If you want to learn ideas for taking better care of your trees, you have stumbled onto the right blog. Welcome to this space, please explore and share this blog with your friends if they inspire you.

Storm Damaged Tree Removal: The Dangers of Removing Storm Damaged Trees


Storm season is now upon Australia, and this was recently demonstrated in frightening fashion by the recent supercell storms that battered the east coast. Over 30,000 lightening strikes and 90 kilometre per hour winds battered homes from New South Wales to Queensland. With more storms to come and 11 cyclones predicted for storm season 2017/18, your trees may be in for a rough ride in the coming weeks and months.

If yours or your neighbour's trees are damaged or brought down in the storms to come, unless the tree is small you should think twice before trying to remove it yourself. Trees that have been felled by strong winds rarely land cleanly. Before you attempt to cut up a fallen tree on your property, you should check for the following danger signs.

Hung-up Trees

Sometimes, when a tree breaks and falls or is uprooted and falls, it ends up caught up in the branches of an adjacent tree. This is referred to as a "hung-up" tree as the top of the fallen tree is hanging from the other tree top.

This is a job best left to a highly skilled and experienced tree feller or arborist as without the right equipment, a person will be left working beneath the hanging tree. There is also no telling where the tree may land once it is brought down.

Partially Uprooted Trees

These trees can be deceptively dangerous. When cut, the top of the tree will usually fall quite predictably; however, the same cannot be said for the root mass which, if large, may slam back into its former position endangering anyone and anything on the other side.

The same is true for large trees that have fully uprooted. The root mass could swing back with enough force to cause considerable damage to the surrounding area if cut incorrectly.

Partly Snapped Trees

When a portion of a storm damaged tree is hanging from the midpoint of a tree, this is highly dangerous. Not only could the hanging portion of the tree fall at any moment, but such jobs require careful planning to ensure that the partially broken half of the tree does not fall and damage the surrounding area.

In these circumstances, determination and a chainsaw are woefully inadequate and extremely dangerous. Only a professional who has the necessary experience and equipment should attempt such removals. If your trees suffer damage in the coming storms, contact a tree removal for hire service.


30 October 2017