3 Steps to Follow to Remove Your Tree Stump


As any green thumb will tell you there is few things in gardening more annoying than trying to remove an obstinate tree stump. While each situation is different it can often seem like they have roots to the core of the earth by the way they refuse to move. Due to the difficulty in removing them people will often leave these unsightly lumps on their property for years, but there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make the process of disposing your tree stump a little easier.

24 September 2018

Two reasons why DIY tree felling is not a good idea


If there's a tree in your garden that needs to be removed, here are two reasons why you should not carry out this task yourself, but should instead arrange for an arborist to do it for you. It could end up being more expensive than hiring a professional  A lot of people attempt to cut down trees in their gardens without professional assistance because they believe it will save them money.

9 April 2018