Smart Strategies for Tree Planting, Trimming and Maintenance

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Two reasons why tree removals must be done by arborists


Many property owners underestimate the complexity of removing a tree. Here are two reasons why tree removals must be done by arborists.

A tree that's removed incorrectly could damage some of the surrounding trees

Many property owners choose to have one tree removed because it's diseased and they want to prevent their other trees from getting infected with the same pathogen, or because one of their trees is on the cusp of collapsing and is likely to fall onto some of the adjacent trees and damage them if it's not felled.

In situations like this, it's important for the property owners to realise that if they try to remove their tree without the involvement of an arborist, there is a good chance that their efforts to protect their other trees by felling the problematic one will have the opposite effect and might actually destroy one or more of those other trees.

If for example, a property owner tries to fell their tree on a windy day and doesn't take the wind's direction and speed into consideration when working out which spot the felled tree trunk is likely to land on, the trunk could fall onto another tree instead of landing on the ground where the owner wanted it to, in which case it might damage the second tree's trunk and result in it also having to be felled. As such, if a property owner wants their problem-causing tree to be removed without any harm coming to the adjacent trees, they should seek help from an arborist.

A careless approach to tree removal could lead to injuries

The other reason why tree removals should be done by arborists is that if this work is done carelessly, it can easily lead to injuries. For example, if a property owner tries to climb their tall tree to begin cutting its branches, but does this freestyle instead of using a safety harness, their feet could slide one of the mossy, slippery branches that they try to stand on and they could fall. Similarly, if they make the tree trunk notch too deep, the trunk could fall unexpectedly quickly and land on a nearby occupied house or another person.

Arborists don't make these careless errors, as they are trained to be aware of and to assess every possible risk that comes with removing a tree and to take lots of precautions to reduce these risks and keep themselves and those around them safe. For example, they will not only wear safety harnesses, non-slip work boots and hard hats whilst working but will also measure any trunk notches they make and work very slowly to avoid making dangerous errors.  


22 December 2021