Smart Strategies for Tree Planting, Trimming and Maintenance

My name is Georgia, and I love to write. As an avid gardener, I have spent hours writing about gardening, but in this space, I wanted to turn my attention to trees in particular. I recently added a number of fruit trees to my garden, and I have old oaks in front of my house which have suffered and survived through a range of mishaps. If you want to learn ideas for taking better care of your trees, you have stumbled onto the right blog. Welcome to this space, please explore and share this blog with your friends if they inspire you.

Why You Should Always Look After the Trees in Your Backyard


Trees are not just great to look at, but they provide valuable benefits. They absorb carbon dioxide, which is very important during these climate-conscious days. Yet, when was the last time that you paid close attention to any of the trees in your back garden? Are you sure that they are in good condition and primed for future growth, and, crucially, are they safe as well? What do you need to bear in mind today?

Taking for Granted

Many people do not consider tree maintenance at all. They may cut the lawn regularly and tend to their flowerbeds, but they take the trees for granted. This can be shortsighted and may lead to more significant problems down the road.

Avoiding Disaster

Imagine what would happen if an overgrown branch were to fall off during a windstorm, simply because it had not been pruned or cared for correctly. If it was overhanging your neighbour's property, it might damage the car, come crashing through a window or worse. You might have to claim on your insurance policy to cover the damage, but you could have avoided the situation altogether if you called in a professional tree pruning company.

Looking After the Structure

A tree that has not been pruned for a long time may start to develop structural issues. This is especially important if the tree is relatively young and has not yet taken hold properly. You should ensure that the branches are correctly maintained and cut back if needed until the tree reaches maturity and has solid roots beneath.

Stimulating New Growth

Did you know that pruning a tree can actually stimulate growth? If you do not prune, it can become difficult for the tree to develop any new shoots, and other areas may be starved of vital nutrients. If you want your tree to look as stunning as possible and to provide you with a great display when it comes to shedding season, make sure that you prune everything carefully and achieve that balanced look.

Early Warning Call

When you bring in a professional pruner, they will have a close up look at each tree and provide you with a professional opinion. Not only will they shape the tree and get rid of any dead growth, but if they spot any signs of trouble or disease, then they will let you know. This could be your early warning call to avoid any disasters in the future.

If you need tree pruning, talk to a tree service in your area.


9 September 2021