Smart Strategies for Tree Planting, Trimming and Maintenance

My name is Georgia, and I love to write. As an avid gardener, I have spent hours writing about gardening, but in this space, I wanted to turn my attention to trees in particular. I recently added a number of fruit trees to my garden, and I have old oaks in front of my house which have suffered and survived through a range of mishaps. If you want to learn ideas for taking better care of your trees, you have stumbled onto the right blog. Welcome to this space, please explore and share this blog with your friends if they inspire you.

Various Ways Tree Lopping Is Beneficial


If you have trees on your property, it is recommended to enlist tree lopping services from time to time. Tree lopping refers to the process of pruning away unhealthy parts of your tree such as shattered boughs, dead branches and more. In addition to removing these affected areas, tree lopping can also be employed to enhance the aesthetics of the tree by reshaping it into different designs. Some homeowners may opt to engage in tree lopping on their own as a DIY project. If you have numerous trees, though, this could prove labour-intensive, and you may want to consider professional tree lopping services. Here are some of the various ways tree lopping is beneficial.

Tree lopping enhances the overall health of your tree

One of the main benefits of tree lopping is if functions toward maintaining the overall health of your tree. When you opt to have the dead and diseased branches pruned, you are not simply eliminating the illness that was affecting your tree. You are inadvertently preventing the spread of these microorganisms to other healthy branches. As such, you end up prolonging the lifespan of your tree. You also prevent other trees on your property from contracting the same infections.

Tree lopping makes your property safe

One thing some people take for granted is how a weak tree can prove quite fatal to the people around it. If boughs and branches have gradually weakened due to storms and gale winds, they will not be securely attached to the tree anymore. A small breeze could blow into your yard and cause the branch to break off. If you have any children or pets, this could be a safety hazard as they could easily be injured by this fallen branch. Weak branches also pose the risk of property damage on both your premises as well as your neighbours'. To avoid any unfortunate incidences that could prove to be quite costly, you should engage in regular tree lopping to keep your property safe.

Tree lopping increases natural light in your yard

Although trees are a great source of fresh air, when left to grow unfettered they can create large canopies over your yard. This, in turn, can make your property seem darker and unattractive. To keep your trees from becoming overgrown, you should consider tree lopping. The increases natural light will also promote the growth of other plants below the tree, which could have withered away due to inadequate sunshine.


13 July 2016